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"Zugel Facial Hydrating Oil is an amazing, all natural product to moisturize and rejuvenate the skin. It has a unique blend of botanical oils rich in essential fatty acids to hydrate the skin and anti-oxidants to even skin tone, decrease inflammation, and prevent aging. Soothing to the skin, it is good for patients with sensitive skin and rosacea. I highly recommend it!"

Dr. JoEllen VanZander
Dermatologist, Menlo Medical Clinic, Menlo Park, CA

"I tried Zugel Oil for 2 reasons…I wanted an all-natural product that would keep my skin moisturized in our dry climate, and I wanted it to be simple!  After trying it for almost two months I love it more than I ever even thought I could.  I use Zugel Oil morning and night, and an additional sunscreen in the morning…that’s it!  My skin feels fresh, hydrated, and looks beautifully misted every day.  This is a product that I will never be without!" 

Cathie, age 38

"I am a huge fan of Zugel Oil!  I love how it keeps my skin hydrated ALL day and night (I use it both).  It also keeps my skin glowing and looking fresh.  So grateful to have been introduced to this product!"  

Kristen, age 37

"I put it on pretty much my whole face including my expanding forehead.  What I feel is a softness of the skin, but also the oil which seems not to evaporate over the course of the day. Areas of my face that that are always dry and flaky are not anymore like my nose and forehead. I like it and am interested as time goes on what I see in my skin. The pump works very well in just delivering enough to put on my face. It is consistent in how much it releases with each pump. It takes two pumps to do my whole face."

Richard, age 61

"I've been using Zugel Oil twice a day in the morning and the evening, and am loving it.  I've been able to skip my lotion moisturizer.  This has never happened - and I am so happy about it because I've never been able to find a lotion that I've really loved. To replace it all together is amazing!"

Grace, age 30

"I love Zugel Oil.  And I’ve used many - - I often don’t like them because i feel like I can’t get them to soak in but your’s is different.  I’ve used it alone and used it mixed with my sunscreen.  I love it.  I feel like it might change my life come ski season"

Courtney, 45, Denver, Colorado