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 Zugel Hydrating Face Oil was born out of my desire to have a product that completely hydrates throughout the day and provides youthful benefits without all of the chemicals.  I wanted to create a product that did it all and that I felt good about using.  What I put on my face should be as good for me as what I feed my body.

Zugel Oil (pron. Zoogle) honors my Austrian great grandmother, Anna Zugel. A courageous woman, in 1908 she sailed to the U.S. alone at the age of seventeen. Zugel Oil embodies her loving and vivacious spirit as well as her Austrian heritage of purity, love of nature and great skin. And the flower on the side of the box was painted by her daughter, Alma.

 Zugel Hydrating Face Oil softens and effectively hydrates skin, reduces the appearance of fine lines, helps regenerate skin and calms redness. It is made with only the finest and simplest organic ingredients. There are no artificial preservatives, colors or fragrances.


Karen Fox Wolfe,

Owner and Founder

About Karen: Karen was born and raised in Morrison, Colorado. She graduated Stanford University with a BA in Economics and holds a MBA from Harvard Business School.  She currently lives in Denver with her husband, Ian, and her two sons, Jackson and Levi.  She loves the outdoors and Colorado.